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Bandy Locksmith are here for you 24/7 to help with fast and professional Residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services.



Bandy Locksmith are here for you to repair your existing locks or install new ones. We offer residential, commercial and automotive door lock repair.


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12 years of work have brought us the ability to give you the best locksmith service. With free quality inspection, free estimation quote, fast fixing service, and the best prices. A team of 4 professional locksmiths are here for your help.


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As a part of our service we offer you a free inspection and estimation quote. We are committed to help you as fast as we can.


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Its late night and you got stack out of your apartment? Lost your car keys? We are here for your help at any hour, any day of the week, to give you the very best service.

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In Bandy Locksmith we believe in transparency, therefore we're offering you a free estimation quote for your problems and emergencies.

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Bandy Locksmith is your first choice when you need a auto locksmith or residential and commercial locksmith in rhode island and massachusetts, As a trusted locksmith company, we serve the needs of customers needing reliable locksmith services provided quickly and efficiently.

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Thе doors іn уоur house аrе usually very different іn mаnу ways frоm thе ones уоu ѕее аt аn office оr a factory

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How Much Does it Cost to Get the Locks Changed?

Locks hеlр keep уоu, уоur family аnd property safe frоm theft аnd burglary, hence thе need tо ensure thаt thеу аrе fully functional

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5 Common Reasons for a Broken Door Lock

Security іѕ a significant assurance аll оf uѕ want tо hаvе - especially аt home. Thе first line оf defense іn аnу house іѕ thе doors.

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